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Urban Areas

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Green Roofs

Contributing to the sustainability of a building, reducing carbon emissions and increasing biodiversity; green roofs are easily constructed with appropriate soils (intensive or extensive), roof drainage and vegetation including wildflower and sedum.

Urban Street Planter

Create inviting green spaces, whilst bringing colour to life in urban streetscapes using high performance irrigation, soil, wildflower seed, turf and bulbs.

Wildflower Meadow

Low maintenance but high impact, wildflower areas in urban settings create opportunities for recreation and education, attract diverse insects, birds and mammals, and connect green urban areas.

Urban Tree Pit

Improving air quality, offering cooling effects and generally improving human health, urban trees are vital for our cities and towns. The TreeParker system offers stormwater management, axel load of up to 15 tonnes, and maximum soil volumes creating a more root-friendly environment for the tree.


Our range of Green-tree bioretention soil, Mona irrigation products and wildflowers can be used to effectively manage stormwater locally. This in turn aids in creating habitats for wildlife, preventing floods and improving water quality by reducing the risk of diffuse pollution.