Amenity Tree Soil

The Amenity Tree Soil provides a load bearing, fertile planting medium designed for use in urban environments, such as tree pits on urban greening tree planting projects.


Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil allows the development of tree root infrastructure under hard surfaces such as pavements and car parking areas. It has a naturally open structure that is load bearing, providing solid structure and aeration to the root system.

Typical Analysis of Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil

pH Value 7.8
Particle Shape Sub Rounded
Percolation Rate (at 40cm tension)  53mm/hour

 For the latest analysis and bulk density of this product please contact our team.

Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil Benefits

  • Combats problems of poor root structure and subsequent poor growth
  • Allows compaction whilst providing aeration to soil and gives oxygen and water access to the root system
  • Compaction testing kits available
  • Regular testing to maintain quality

Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil Applications

This product should only be used in situations where a compact soil structure is absolutely unavoidable. In order for the rootzone to be successfully implemented, adequate drainage is a must. Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil should be used in conjunction with the Mona
Landscape Irrigation range for the future irrigation of the urban tree planting. Consideration must be given to positive drainage to ensure water can move away successfully from the soil profile. Please refer to drainage engineer for design of drainage.

Green-tree Amenity Tree Soil Installation

Amenity Tree Soil is a structural and load bearing soil suitable for all tree planting applications in hard landscaped areas. This product should only be installed in situations where a compact soil structure is absolutely unavoidable.

  • Backfill 200mm of washed sharp sand into the tree pit, compact with 3 passes of a vibro-tamper
  • Backfill the top 600mm of the tree pit with Amenity Tree Soil in 175mm layers
  • Each layer should be compacted with 3 passes of a vibro-tamper
  • Be careful not to over compact as this may lead to particle inter-packing, poor aeration, slow drainage and restricted root growth

NBS Clause

Section  Clause  NBS Clause Title
Q28 145 Plant pit backfilling soil system
Q28 330 Imported manufactured topsoil/growing medium
Q31 505 Tree pits
45-40-85 340 Special imported topsoil and growing media

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