Sedum Matting

Sedum Matting is a drought tolerant green roof vegetation option. It provides biodiversity while providing insulation, improving air quality and increasing habitat creation. The plants also offer a variety of leaf types and flowers which creates a blend of textures when fully planted.


The Sedum Matting is the ideal choice for extensive green roofs vegetations, it is drought tolerant and therefore needs only a shallow substrate layer. The sixteen varieties of sedum offer a huge variety of colour, textures, leaf shapes and plant sizes. Sedum increases biodiversity and also contributes to the many other benefits associated with planting green roofs including insulation, improved air quality in urban landscapes and increase habitat creation.

The plants also offer many different leaf types and flowers, resulting in a blend of beautiful textures when planted together.

Sedum blankets are lightweight and low maintenance,the depth of our blankets are approximately 30mm, but can grow higher (up to 80mm) when in good health and well maintained during the growing season.

Sedum Matting Benefits

  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Does not require a maximal substrate layer
  • Suitable for green roofs as they can withstand harsh conditions and open environments
  • Requires minimal maintenance

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