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Benefits of Irrigation in Urban Green Spaces

Thirsty Trees

Newly transplanted urban trees take time to address the balance between the amount of water absorption by the rootball and the loss of water via transpiration. During this period of imbalance, additional watering is critical to the survival and further establishment of newly planted trees.

Drought stress remains one of the biggest contributors to high mortality rates of transplanted trees in their first few years of establishment. Research has highlighted that a regular watering regime can result in over three times the growth rate of new roots in an urban tree pit.

Some of the many benefits of irrigation in urban green spaces are:

Improves tree and plant growth

When plants, trees, lawns and shrubs are watered consistently with a continuous supply of water over a longer period of time, it is a much better environment for growth and rapid establishment. This is the ideal environment and condition for
most vegetation.

Encourages water conservation

All irrigation systems and solutions will contribute towards a greater saving
of water. Irrigation can save between 30 – 50% of water normally used with conventional watering methods, meaning that the water you do use is being used wisely and isn’t contributing to unnecessary wastage.

Significant weed reduction

Irrigation ensures that the water is only going to the areas that need it therefore, weeds do not grow and spread as rapidly.

Avoids overwatering vegetation

Due to the level of control an irrigation system has, water isn’t unnecessarily released if the vegetation does not need it. This means that overwatering is extremely unlikely and the living environment for all vegetation remains consistent in all weather conditions.

A long-lasting solution

All watering systems are a long-term, long-lasting solution to irrigating vegetation. Majority of irrigation systems last approximately 15 years on average with rare
component changes if necessary.

Benefits oxygen production

Plants need water to make oxygen. If there is no water in the soil and roots then the leaves on the plant cannot grow, this obstructs nutrient transfer which ultimately stops the process of photosynthesis.


What we can offer

Mona Plant System

An advanced subterranean irrigation system suitable for interior and exterior planting applications as it ensures water and nutrients are delivered in the correct quantity to the roots of the plants and trees.

Mona Plantsava

A natural way to maintain effective irrigation of plants and In flower beds, window boxes, hanging baskets and planters both indoor and outdoor. 


A comprehensive range of landscape garden and lawn irrigation solutions including irrigation sprinklers, dripline, pumps and timers/controllers.

Tree Irrigator

A slow-release watering bag for trees with a diameter of 3cm to 20cm. It delivers water to the root  system with no run-off or evaporation, which reduces the effects of dehydration or transplant shock.


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