Soil and Growing Media

Green-tech Specifier works alongside Green-tree Soils who offer award-winning soils and growing media division of Green-tech. Our range of soils and growing media is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Our products are all manufactured using organic compost and overburdened sand from quarries; products that would otherwise end up in landfill. Green-tree soils and growing media are heavily used in landscaping and construction projects that are focused on environmental sustainability and maintaining their green credentials.

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Benefits of Green-tree Soils

Compliant to British Standards, Green-tree is recognised for the quality and consistency of year-round supply. We supply nationally from 25 soil production sites throughout the UK.

Our range of soils includes:


  • Topsoil
  • Subsoil
  • TreeRaft Soil
  • Amenity Tree Soil
  • Roof Garden Substrates
  • Bespoke Mixes
  • Specialist Mixes


Topsoil Production


PAS100 compost and sand is delivered to our production site.


Materials are mixed together to our specified blend which is compliant to BS3882:2015.


Each batch will undergo rigorous testing to ensure its consistency and compliancy.


Once the topsoil blend has been approved, it is loaded onto the appropriate delivery vehicle in either bulk bags (1m3) or loose (tonne).


The order is sent out for delivery via a specialist haulier.

Topsoil Calculation

To calculate the cubic meterage of your site, multiply the width x length x depth.

Using the answer from the above formula, multiply the volume by the soil bulk density.


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