Green-tree Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

Intensive green roofs typically by design are of a heavy construction with weights varying across the span of the roof. The substrate used in intensive green roofs can vary in depths from 100mmm to 1000mm to accommodate large plants and plant groupings.


A blend of lightweight aggregate and the award-winning Green-tree Topsoil, the intensive roof garden substrate is ideal for green roof construction projects and particularly containerised planting. Lightweight in texture with good water holding capacity, Green-tree Intensive Roof Garden Substrate ensures healthy plants and trees in an accessible roof garden environment.

Benefits of Green-tree Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

Good levels of fertility
Has the ability to sustain plant establishment and  growth.

Excellent aeration properties
Creates holes into the soil to reduce air, water and nutrient compaction to enable these elements to reach the roots.

Good water holding properties
Water holding capacity is controlled primarily by soil texture and organic matter. This soil features a large surface area which enables it to hold more water.

Lightweight compared to standard soils
This is critical for roof gardens as lightweight soil decreases density and enhances drainage capabilities.

A typical pH of 7.8
pH 7.8 makes this soil an alkaline soil, ideal for a wide range of planting. It contains sodium, calcium and magnesium that builds strong stems and leaves.

Nationwide availability
We supply Green-tree Roof Garden Substrates across the UK to some of the most complex and impressive green roof projects we have in this country.

Typical Analysis of Green-tree Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

pH 7.8
Total Porosity 45%
Permeability 196mm/hr
Organic Matter (LOI) 5.8%

 For the latest analysis and bulk density of this product please contact our team.

NBS Clause

Section Clause NBS Clause Title
Q28 330 Imported manufactured topsoil/growing medium
45-40-85 340 Special imported topsoil and growing media


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