Green-tree Semi Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

Semi Intensive green roofs are primarily built on top of a structure such as an underground car park or residential and commercial buildings. They are ideal for roof gardens where weight isn’t the biggest issue.


This nutrient rich substrate demonstrates a good level of drainage for water management needs. This substrate is consistent in its make up, the product has a high level of fertility and is ideal for supporting the growth of turf, small shrubs, trees and grass seed. It does not require additional feed upon application.

Benefits of Green-tree Semi Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

Good drainage for water management
This blend provides exceptional drainage which ultimately controls the movement of water to minimise damage to solid structures, such as buildings.

High fertility so no additional feed required
All the nutrients required by the vegetation planted are present in this soil blend meaning that no additional feeds to boost establishment are required.

Excellent at retaining moisture
The soil is able to absorb and retain moisture which can be used by plants during dry spells.

Excellent environmental credentials
Like all green roofs, the presence of living plants and trees in any setting helps the environment and clears the air in busy and highly polluted areas.

Nationwide availability
We supply Green-tree Roof Garden Substrates across the UK to some of the most complex and impressive green roof projects we have in this country.

Typical Analysis of Green-tree Semi Intensive Roof Garden Substrate

pH 7.8
Total Porosity 45%
Permeability 196mm/hr
Organic Matter (LOI) 5.8%

 For the latest analysis and bulk density of this product please contact our team.

NBS Clause

Section Clause NBS Clause Title
Q28 330 Imported manufactured topsoil/growing medium
45-40-85 340 Special imported topsoil and growing media

 Semi Intensive Roof Garden Substrate can be used in association with a SUDS application.

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