British Standard Topsoil BS3882

Green-tree Topsoil is manufactured using organic compost and overburdened sand from quarries, all products that could otherwise end up in landfill. Our topsoil is certified to BS3882:2015 standards, requiring no additional fertiliser for the first season.

British Standard Topsoil BS3882 Typical Analysis

Green-tree Topsoil BS3882 Typical Analysis 

pH 7.9 Extractable Phosphorus  83mg/l
Clay Content  7% Extractable Potassium  1293mg/l
Silt Content 11% Extractable Magnesium  139mg/l
Sand Content 82% Organic Matter  5%
Total Nitrogen  0.2% Carbon: Nitrogen Ratio  13:1

 For the latest analysis and bulk density of this product please contact our team.

British Standard Topsoil BS3882 Benefits

  • Complies to BS3882:2015 standards
  • High organic matter content and fertility status
  • Environmentally sustainable compost blend
  • Year-round availability
  • Offers good water holding capacity and drought resistance
  • Peat free
  • Prescription mix available
  • Easy to spread on-site
  • Light in texture with good water holding capacity

British Standard Topsoil BS3882 Applications

  • Housing developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Public parks and recreation areas
  • Structural planting
  • Domestic gardens

NBS Clause


Clause  NBS Clause Title
Q28 330  Imported manufactured topsoil/growing medium
45-40-85  340  Special imported topsoil and growing media

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