British Standard Subsoil BS8601

Green-tree Subsoil is used to build up levels and construct any specific landscaping contouring requirements. Subsoil is an essential component of most soil profiles as it provides storage or moisture, transmits rainfall to deeper layers or watercourses and enables deep rooting by trees, grasses and other plants.

British Standard Subsoil BS8601 Typical Analysis

Green-tree Subsoil BS8601 Typical Analysis 

pH 8.2
Clay Content  8%
Silt Content 12%
Sand Content 80%
Organic Matter  0.6%

 For the latest analysis and bulk density of this product please contact our team.

British Standard Subsoil BS8601 Benefits

  • Complies to BS8601:2013 standards
  • Used for building up levels and constructing any specific landscape contouring requirements
  • Subsoil is featured in the Clean Cover System* in conjunction with Green-tree Topsoil for construction and landscaping sites prior to finishing soils and media

British Standard Subsoil BS8601 Applications

  • Raise levels on-site
  • Create landscape contours
  • General on-site infill

NBS Clause

Section  Clause  NBS Clause Title
Q28 330 Imported manufactured topsoil/growing medium

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