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Over 28 years experience of supporting the landscape industry with innovative and sustainable product solutions.

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About us

We are Green-Tech Specifier

The specification team behind the UK's leading landscape supplier- Green-tech. We provide complete landscape project guidance and solutions.

Landscape Solutions

Expert Knowledge & Support

Green-tech Specifier is a solutions- led team, we are aware of the complexity of landscape projects in terms of design, construction access and cost. We work with landscape architects and designers across the UK to find bespoke solutions to fit their vision.

Our Products

Our product specifications span entire landscape schemes from urban greening to wildflower and habitat creation, we have a solution to suit every project

What we do

Our Solutions

We understand the complex and diverse nature of landscape schemes and are here to help. As experienced product champions we are able to provide bespoke and individual solutions for your landscape project.

Green Roofs

Green-tech Specifier has a wealth of knowledge and experience of green roof construction. As a team we work with Landscape Architects and Designers to recommend the most suitable substrates for green roof planting schemes.
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Wildflower Seeds

Green-tech Specifier works exclusively with John Chambers Wildflower Seed who has a 35 year history of supplying native British produced wildflower seed and mixes to landscapers, architects and garden designers across the UK. We are one of the leading authorities on native wildflower seed, distributing a comprehensive range of products to enhance and improve the landscape environment and encourage biodiversity.
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Urban Tree Planting

Green-tech Specifier has a wealth of knowledge of the Urban Tree Planting Environment. From Tree Root Cell system such as TreeParker Cell System to Tree Pit Irrigation systems and soils. We offer advice and fully specification options on Urban Tree Planting Projects across the UK and Ireland.
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Soils and Growing Media

Green-tech Specifier works with Green-tree Soil to provide the best substrates on specifications  which are heavily used in landscaping and construction projects that are focused on environmental sustainability and maintaining their green credentials.
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Tree and Plant Irrigation

Green-tech Specifier has a wealth of knowledge and experience on irrigation systems and solutions in both urban and rural green spaces. As a team we work with Landscape Architects and Designers to recommend the most suitable method for your particular project.
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Our blogs cover a wealth of topics from what is going on in the industry of urban landscaping. From blog posts on irrigation to vlogs about green roofs we have a great range of discussion topics for you to check out.