Green-tree Extensive Roof Garden Substrate

Extensive roofs are generally thin, lightweight roof systems that typically have a planting media measuring 40mm to 100mm deep. Green-tree Roof Garden Extensive Substrate is ideal for incorporation into expansive green roof projects that require very little maintenance, such as sedum roofs.


A proven growing media, that is lightweight in texture and manufactured from the award-winning Green-tree Topsoil.
Green-tree Roof Garden Extensive Substrate is rich in nutrients which ensures quick plant establishment of thin lightweight green roof projects.

Benefits of Green-tree Extensive Roof Garden Substrate

Lightweight and simple to work with
Lightweight soil reduces density which alternatively  enhances drainage performance ultimately making it simple to work with on-site.

Controlled fertility levels
Provides a suitable level of nutrients for  the type of vegetation planted in extensive green roof projects such as sedum.

Good aeration and water holding properties
Features good air movement through the soil  structure while soaking up rainfall to limit flooding or run off.

Guaranteed consistency
The soil has strong characteristics where the soil materials hold together to resist deformation and rupture, guaranteeing consistency throughout the green roof installation.

Suitable for low maintenance roofs with no/limited access
Extensive green roofs are intended to be viewed from elsewhere as a visual or ecological feature. The vegetation requires low maintenance unless in hot weather conditions where the vegetation may
need an extra boost.

Nationwide availability
We supply Green-tree Roof Garden Substrates across the UK to some of the most complex and impressive green roof projects we have in this country.

Typical Analysis of Green-tree Extensive Roof Garden Substrate

pH 8.0
Total Porosity 56.3%
Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity 7.3mm/min
Organic Matter (LOI) 2.9%

 For the latest analysis and bulk density of this product please contact our team.

NBS Clause

Section Clause NBS Clause Title
Q28 330 Imported manufactured topsoil/growing medium
45-40-85 340 Special imported topsoil and growing media


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