Mona Plant System Links

Mona Plant System Links are the most versatile component as they can be incorporated into a variety of projects and designs. Links consist of a yellow plastic tank and a flexible hose for shallow planting projects.


Each yellow tank is connected via a flexible pipe allowing any configuration of link system to be built into the specification.

How Many Tanks Do You Need?
The number of tanks required is calculated by taking the dimensions of the planted area (e.g. 10m2) and dividing by the area of irrigation that a tank provides.

A Mona tank 24 has dimensions of 200mm width by 900mm length, therefore it will irrigate to an area of 400mm by 1300mm which gives 0.52m2. Divide the 10m2 (planted area) by 0.52m2 (irrigation area) = 19.23 Mona tanks Therefore, the 10m2 planted area would require 20 x Mona tank 24 to ensure optimum performance of the system.

Mona Plant Systems Links Benefits

  • Ideal for both interior and exterior landscaping projects
  • Can be used in curved and unusual shaped beds
  • Handles gradients with ease
  • Flexible hose connects the tanks for any configuration
  • Ideal for shallow planting
  • A versatile product for many applications

Mona Plant System Links Specification

Component Dimensions (L x W x H) Water Holding Volume
Link 3 63cm x 13cm x 6.5cm 3.3L
Link 7 55cm x 15cm x 10cm 7L
Link 24 90cm x 20cm x 15cm 24L
Link 77 68cm x 15cm x 10cm 8.5L
Flexible Connecting Pipes 90cm (L) N/A
O-Ring 6cm Ø N/A
End Stop 6cm Ø N/A
Capillary Leg 7.5 – 16cm (H) N/A
Filler Pipes 21 – 59cm (H) x 3.2cm Ø
78cm (H) x 6cm Ø
Filler Pipe Collar 3.2 Ø N/A

NBS Clause

Section Clause NBS Clause Title
Q31 512 Tree pit irrigation and ventilation accessories
90-15-40 429 Plant and tree pit irrigation

Mona Plant System Links Installation


  1. Measure the area to be irrigated by the Mona Plant System Links
  2. Dig down to a depth that allows 150mm of growing media to sit above each tank and below the plant’s roots
  3. Lay out the tanks and connect end to end with the flexible pipes and ‘O’ rings
  4. Place an end stop on the final tank in the formulation
  5. Upright filler pipes should be mounted to replace a vent cap at the start of the links or a maximum interval of every fifth connected link. The filler pipe should be in contact with the base of the unit
  6. Back-fill with growing media and plants as per specification
  7. Fill with water until the float within the filler pipe rises to the fill level

Estimated Tree Watering Requirements

Feathered Light
Standard Selected
Heavy Standard Extra Heavy Semi
Girth (cm) 6 6-8 5-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20 20+
Height (m) 1.8-3.0 2.4-2.7 2.7-3.0 3.0-3.6 3.6-4.2 4.2-4.8 4.8-5.4 5.4-6.0 6.0+
Estimated daily
transpiration rates (litres)
1 1 1.2 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Suggested first season
summer watering
requirements (ltrs/month)
36 36 45 75 115 150 190 220 300+


Downloads and Datasheets

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