Butterfly Wildflower Mix

The Butterfly Wildflower Mix Incorporates a range of perennials, biennials and annuals which exude scents and colours to wildlife such as butterflies and other pollinating insects. This mix is ideal for meadows, parkland and landscaped areas.



Wildflower  Percentage Wildflower  Percentage
Knapweed; Common 7.50% Vetch; Kidney 3.25%
Vetch; Common 7.00% Knapweed; Greater 3.00%
Daisy; Oxeye 6.00% Viper’s-bugloss 3.00%
Clover; Red 5.00% Dandelion; Common 2.50%
Mustard; Garlic 5.00% Mallow; Musk 2.50%
Campion; Red 4.50% Soapwort 2.50%
Campion; White 4.50% Mignonette; Wild 2.00%
Selfheal 4.50% Scabious; Devil’s-bit 2.00%
Bird’s-foot-trefoil; Common 4.00% Scabious; Small 2.00%
Medick; Black 4.00% Dame’s Violet 1.50%
Melilot; Yellow 4.00% Valerian; Red 1.25%
Scabious; Field 4.00% Hemp-agrimony 1.00%
Teasel 4.00% Pansy; Wild 1.00%
Chamomile; Corn 4.00% Marjoram; Wild 0.50%
Cornflower 4.00%




Soil Type Good
Maximum Height 200cm
Flowering Period March – September
Coverage 1.5-2g/m2
Frequency Perennials/Biennials/Annuals
Shade  3 out of 5
Sun 5 out of 5
Drainage  5 out of 5
Colours  5 out of 5
Pollinator  5 out of 5


In this mix

Teasel / Dipsacus fullonum
These tall plants have distinct blue flowerheads that are attractive to butterflies due to their ultraviolet visibility. Most butterflies are able to
reach the nectar stored in the deep flowers using their long tongues, and the densely packed flower heads allow butterflies to extract more nectar in one sitting. In winter, the dried seed heads also provide a valuable food source for birds such as goldfinches, therefore increasing the conservation value of an area.

Frequency Biennial
Height 50 – 200 cm
Colour Blue/Violet
Flowering period July – August
Soil Sand, Clay, Chalk, Loam
pH Acid – Alkaline
Moisture Moist to Wet

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