Coastal Wildflower Mix

The Coastal Wildflower Mix offers a salt-tolerant mix which contains both perennials and biennials which can succeed in very dry and well-drained conditions. The plants in this recipe will create a wonderful display in locations near the seaside or towards the coast.



Wildflower  Percentage Wildflower  Percentage
Parsnip; Wild 10.50% Knapweed; Greater 4.00%
Knapweed; Common 9.50% Plantain; Ribwort 3.00%
Carrot; Wild 8.50% Foxglove 2.50%
Evening-primrose; Common 7.50% Plantain; Sea 2.50%
Vetch; Kidney 6.50% Campion; Sea 2.00%
Bird’s-foot-trefoil; Common 6.00% St John’s-wort; Perforate 2.00%
Viper’s-bugloss 5.75% Toadflax; Common 2.00%
Bedstraw; Lady’s 5.50% Centaury; Common 1.50%
Daisy; Oxeye 5.50% Tansy 1.00%
Campion; Bladder 4.50% Thrift 1.00%
Cat’s-ear 4.00% Harebell 0.50%
Hound’s-tongue 4.00% Thyme; Wild 0.25%




Soil Type Very Dry/Well-drained
Maximum Height 150cm
Flowering Period May – October
Coverage 1.5-2g/m2
Frequency Perennials/Biennials
Shade  2 out of 5
Sun 5 out of 5
Drainage  5 out of 5
Colours  5 out of 5
Pollinator  4 out of 5


In this mix

Thrift / Armeria maritima
Thrift or ‘sea-pink’ has a small pom-pom shaped flower head on top of an evergreen leaf structure. As well as being a popular garden
rockery plant, it is commonly found on clifftops, so can cope well in areas with high salt content and thin soils. The evergreen foliage forms cushion like mats, enhancing the winter colour and coverage where it is sown.

Frequency Evergreen, Perennial
Height Up to 15cm
Colour Pink
Flowering period April to July
(some until October)
Soil Chalk, Clay, Sand, Loam
pH Acid – Alkaline
Moisture Well-drained

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