Loksand Rootzone

The Loksand Rootzone offers a soil and sand-based substrate reinforced with polypropylene fibres. Green-tree Loksand Rootzone is an advanced substrate that is stable and free-draining.


Loksand Rootzone provides excellent structural strength enabling it to be used for a variety of applications that are frequently trafficked. During the mixing process of Green-tree Loksand Rootzone, crimped polypropylene fibres are entwined with the substrate increasing its overall strength and resistance.

Typical Analysis of Green-tree Loksand Rootzone

pH 7.1
Silt and Clay Content  3.9%
Sand Content  96.1%
Organic Matter  0.6%
Saturation and Hydraulic Conductivity  228mm/hr
Total Porosity  41.0% v/v

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Green-tree Loksand Rootzone Benefits

  • Provides stability, resistance and structural strength to your project where areas are subject to heavy trafficking
  • Reduces compaction, ensuring air is present in the pores of the soil
  • Free-draining, allowing moisture and rain to soak through rapidly all year round

Green-tree Loksand Rootzone Applications

  • Emergency and access roads
  • Overspill car parks
  • Golf course buggy routes
  • Public recreation areas
  • Verges and pedestrian walkways

NBS Clause


 Clause  NBS Clause Title
Q30 361  Reinforced grass system
45-40-85 330  Manufactured growing medium

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