Wet and Damp Soils Wildflower Mix

The Wet and Damp Soils Wildflower Mix Contains plants for wet and damp soils which need moist, permanently wet, boggy ground with poor-drainage.


Wildflower  Percentage Wildflower  Percentage
Iris; Yellow 19.50% Sneezewort 3.50%
Buttercup; Meadow 9.50% Bird’s-foot-trefoil; Greater 2.00%
Campion; Red 9.00% Purple; Loosestrife 2.00%
Vetch; Tufted 8.00% Ragged-robin 2.00%
Meadowsweet 7.50% St John’s-wort; Square-stalked 2.00%
Avens; Water 6.00% Fleabane; Common 1.50%
Mallow; Musk 6.00% Hemp; Agrimony 1.50%
Angelica; Wild 5.50% Columbine 1.00%
Ramsons 4.00% Hemp-nettle; Common 1.00%
Scabious; Devil’s-bit 4.00% Figwort; Common 1.00%
Gipsywort 3.50%




Soil Type Wet
Maximum Height 150cm
Flowering Period April – September
Coverage 1.5-2g/m2
Frequency Perennials
Shade  3 out of 5
Sun 5 out of 5
Drainage  3 out of 5
Colours  5 out of 5
Pollinator  4 out of 5


In this mix

Purple Loosestrife / Lythrum salicaria
Purple Loosestrife is naturally found in fens, marshes and reedbeds, so is a good addition to any wet or damp soil area such as around ponds. Its spikes of bright pink flowers stand out against its green foliage. It can have multiple stems from a single root stock, and provides food for brimstone butterflies, elephant hawk moths and red-tailed bumblebees.

Frequency Perennial
Height Up to 120cm
Colour Purple/Pink
Flowering period June – August
Soil Loam, Clay
pH Acid – Alkaline
Moisture Poorly-drained

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