Tree Irrigator

The Tree Irrigator provides a slow release tree watering bag, that is UV stabilised, slow-release green polythene watering bag for trees with a diameter of 3cm to 20cm. This irrigation solution delivers water to the root system with no run-off or evaporation, reducing the effects of dehydration or transplant shock.


The Tree Irrigator bag simply zips around the tree trunk and allows you to fill up the bag with
water. The Tree Irrigator provides deep water saturation by gradually and evenly distributing a high volume of water in a single application over a longer period of time through the two water release points (per bag). This portable irrigation solution is suitable for both newly planted and
established trees and can be emptied, rolled up and transported to another location and reused.

Tree Irrigator Benefits

Suitable for newly planted and established trees
Ideal for newly planted trees in shaded or urban environments but also established trees as there is no need for an underground irrigation system.

Deep water saturation with every fill
Due to the gradual and even distribution of water, the irrigator bag provides excellent water absorption, deep water saturation and promotes deep root growth.

Reduces transplant and drought shock
When a tree is relocated or suffering from drought, the Tree Irrigator provides a healthy environment to reduce the effects of transplant and drought shock.

Easy to install and maintain
Tree Irrigator bags need filling just 1 to 2 times a week (approximately). They can be installed tool free within minutes and removed and reused repeatedly.

Double bag setup
The bags can be zipped together to accommodate large trees with a diameter of 10cm to 20cm.

Can be used with nutrient/chemical additives
The bags are not affected by nutrient or chemical additives so you can incorporate any treatments your tree requires with no damage.

Tree Irrigator - How it works

Step 1
The bag is placed against the trunk with the uphill side of the tree

Step 2
Fill opening of bag with water to approximately ¼ capacity, lift bag with black straps to open the base and continue filling

Step 3
The water then drains through the two water release points into the soil and root area

Step 4
The roots then soak up the required amount of water and nutrients so a healthy rootball establishes

Tree Irrigator Specification

  • A single bag fits trees with a diameter of 3cm to 8cm and branches a minimum of 64cm from the ground
  • A double bag set up (two bags zipped together) fits trees with a diameter of 10cm to 20cm
  • Two water release points per bag
  • Bag empties in approximately 5 to 9 hours
  • Measurements when full: 76cm tall x 46cm wide (at base)

Watering Capacity/Frequency Chart

Tree Irrigator Bag Set Up Trunk Caliper
Approximate Water Capacity
(Per Single Bag)
Single Bag 3 – 5cm (1 – 2 inches) 60 Litres 1 Fill/Week
5 – 8cm (2 – 3 inches) 55 Litres 2 Fills/Week
Double Bag
Two single Tree Irrigator bags
zipped together back-to-back.
0 inches/cm (Stand Alone) 95 Litres Varies bases on application
10 – 13cm (4 – 5 inches) 90 Litres 1 Fill/Week
13 – 20cm (5 – 8 inches) 80 – 86 Litres 2 Fills/Week

Estimated Tree Watering Requirements

Feathered Light
Standard Selected
Heavy Standard Extra Heavy Semi
Girth (cm) 6 6-8 5-10 10-12 12-14 14-16 16-18 18-20 20+
Height (m) 1.8-3.0 2.4-2.7 2.7-3.0 3.0-3.6 3.6-4.2 4.2-4.8 4.8-5.4 5.4-6.0 6.0+
Estimated daily
transpiration rates (litres)
1 1 1.2 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Suggested first season
summer watering
requirements (ltrs/month)
36 36 45 75 115 150 190 220 300+


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