The gtRootbarrier comprehensive range of root barriers which cover a variety of applications from tree pit root barriers to protection of utilities and services from invasive weeds and plants. They offer the perfect solution for tree pits to stop roots causing damage in public areas as the newly planted trees and shrubs establish over the years.

gt260 Permeable

A root barrier that is impermeable to roots but permeable to water. This product is ideal for positioning around the rootball of a tree
where there is a possibility of flooding or slow water drainage. The permeable qualities means that water will drain freely through the root barrier without pooling around the rootball. It also diverts harmful roots from taking essential nutrients and moisture. 

gtRootBarrier® 325

A root barrier with a unique coating making it totally impermeable. This product controls and protects the roots and helps the tree establish quicker and healthier. Tree management means that the natural requirements of the tree are combined with the need to protect structures from the root system.

gtRootBarrier® 360

A sturdy root barrier with a unique impermeable coating on both sides – ideal for keeping the roots of two trees from growing together. This makes the process of removing one or both plants from the soil easier. It is resistant to bacteria, most chemicals and also forces roots to grow downwards for natural, strong and healthy establishment.

gtRootBarrier® 420 UV

A stronger, heavier root barrier which is UV resistant so it can be installed partially above the soil surface to make pruning much easier. This waterproof root barrier is resistant to bacteria and most chemicals meaning that the roots are always protected and are able to grow in natural, healthy conditions.

gtRootBarrier® RollRib®

A recyclable system installed vertically to guide roots carefully downwards. It features vertical and horizontal anchor points to prevent tree roots from pushing the RollRib® up above ground. Sections can be easily screwed together in various configurations to surround the tree and guide roots away from utilities.

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