Wetland Wildflower Mix

The Wetland Wildflower Mix contains perennials which develop most successfully in moist, well-drained soils such as ponds and river margins, ditches and marshes.



Wildflower  Percentage Wildflower  Percentage
Iris; Yellow 24.50% Sneezewort 3.50%
Buttercup; Meadow 9.50% Avens; Water 3.00%
Vetch; Tufted 8.00% Scabious; Devil’s-bit 3.00%
Campion; Red 7.50% Gipsywort 3.00%
Meadowsweet 7.00% Fleabane; Common 2.50%
Selfheal 7.00% Hemp-agrimony 2.00%
Bedstraw; Hedge 6.00% Purple; Loosestrife 2.00%
Angelica; Wild 5.00% Ragged-robin 1.50%
Bird’s-foot-trefoil; Greater 3.50% St John’s-wort; Square-stalked 1.50%




Soil Type Wet
Maximum Height 150cm
Flowering Period April – September
Coverage 1.5-2g/m2
Frequency Perennials
Shade  3 out of 5
Sun 4 out of 5
Drainage  3 out of 5
Colours  4 out of 5
Pollinator  4 out of 5


In this mix

Yellow Iris / Iris pseudacorus
Yellow Irises are a common sight in wetland areas, including swamps, fens  and saltmarshes, and are therefore tolerant of a variety of water conditions. Flowers are bright yellow with fine dark brown veins and spots. The distinctive leaves are flat and ‘sword like’, adding extra texture and interest to wetland areas when not in flower.

Frequency Perennial
Height 40 – 150cm
Colour Yellow
Flowering period May to July
Soil Clay, Loam
pH Acid
Moisture Wet and Damp

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