New Urban Tree Planting Cell System unveiled at FutureBuild 2023

Tuesday 7th March saw our team unveil TreeParker® – a new urban tree planting cell system. Marketed and Distributed in the UK exclusively by Green-tech Specifier, TreeParker® is a versatile […]

Tuesday 7th March saw our team unveil TreeParker® – a new urban tree planting cell system.

Marketed and Distributed in the UK exclusively by Green-tech Specifier, TreeParker® is a versatile urban tree planting cell system from tree planting system manufacturer, TreeBuilders.

Business Development Director Mark Wood from Green-tech Specifer comments, “I am delighted to announce that we have expanded our urban tree planting offering with the addition of TreeParker® – a modular structural soil cell system for planting trees in city centres and other urban environments. Our corporate vision and values are aligned with TreeBuilders and our collaborative approach to this joint venture is exciting for the industry.  The TreeParker® cellular system offers superior functionality and is a smart combination of Green, Grey and Blue. The system has already proven itself in numerous projects throughout Europe and the Middle East, so I am thrilled that its addition completes the urban tree portfolio for Green-tech Specifier, making this a unique offering to the UK market with a full product offering to satisfy any urban tree planting need.”

TreeParker® has been developed from extensive trials, projects and feedback from landscape architects, clients, contractors, and nurseries to provide the most cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solution for growing large trees in urban environments.

The system provides optimum rooting space below pavements subjected to heavy traffic loads. It maximises the space available for the growing media and is in contact with surrounding soil to ensure a natural growth environment.

Elco van Uden, Managing Director from manufacturer TreeBuilders, adds, “I am delighted to be working with Green-tech to bring TreeParker® to the UK market. Our two companies share a similar philosophy and are closely aligned in the way we do business and our passion for innovation and offering customers a robust and flexible solution to urban tree planting challenges.”

Through a simple and smart design the TreeParker® system can be installed into any tree planting space. It is easy to customise a tree pit design to meet individual needs, working just like a LEGO system. Each independent unit has sufficient load-bearing capacity, so units do not need to be linked. The load is transferred from the pavement to underlying foundations via the system and avoids soil compaction to ensure optimum root growth.

The TreeParker® system can accommodate variable heights between 400mm and 1500mm. Its many benefits include:

  • Support heavy traffic loads (up to 550 kPa and an axle load of up to 15 tonnes) whilst maintaining pavement integrity.
  • Providing unhindered root growth for large species of trees.
  • Quick and cost-effective installation and is easy to fill with soil.
  • Made from 100% recyclable, long-lasting and inert plastics.
  • Modular system for design flexibility.
  • It can be installed in curves down to a 5m radius without additional products.
  • Utility friendly – the open structure is easily adjusted on site to accommodate new and existing utilities and provides easy access for utility maintenance and repair.
  • Combines stormwater management and root growth, up to 25% of the volume is available for water infiltration.
  • Up to 95% volume available for soil infill.
  • Withstands vertical and lateral loads.


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