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Rivers, Wetlands & Lakes

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Wetland & Coastal

A fundamental freshwater resource, wetlands are part of our natural infrastructure; teeming with biodiversity, providing migration stops for birds and areas for maintaining health and wellbeing. The use of coir rolls, pond liners and wildflower mixes can help to create and enhance one of the world’s most important habitats.

Lakes & Ponds

Varying in size and depth, lakes and ponds are important for preserving wildlife, acting as breeding grounds and migration stops, providing refuge for animals and allowing recreational areas for people. Created using underlays and rockrolls, ponds and lakes can be enhanced by sewing wildflower mixes and introducing aquatic plants.


In addition to being vital and vibrant ecosystems, rivers provide freshwater, irrigation for agriculture, and provide recreational and tourism benefits. Varying river habitats can be supported with erosion control, rock rolls and fencing; riparian areas can be enhanced with wildflowers and plug plants.