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Grass & Croplands

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Haymeadow & Grassland

Having lost 97% of our UK native grasslands since the 1930’s, our meadow mixes help to create and enhance vital habitats for wildlife refuge. We provide a range of specialist seed mixes for a variety of soil types and environmental conditions.

Field Margins

Field margins facilitate movement of wildlife throughout the farming landscape, provide valuable biodiversity habitats and conserve rare arable plant species. Enhanced with our tussock grasses, annual wildflower mixes and winter bird feed, field margins can provide greater shelter, ranges of food resources, and breeding habitats.


Wildflower Annuals

Spiral, Stakes & Canes

Pollen and Nectar

Tussock Grasses

Winter Bird Feed

Ornamental Areas

Whether it’s a small garden, or large planting display, our bulbs, plugs and wildflower matting can help bring colour and biodiversity to an area. Formal areas can be transformed with our high end turf and grass seed.


Contributing to a wide range of environmental benefits, orchards can provide sources of nectar and dead wood habitats for pollinating insects, including bees, hoverflies and butterflies. Enhanced with early flowering wildflowers and adequate tree protection ensures a successful and productive environment.