Project Details


Blijdorp Zoo


Rotterdam, Netherlands


June 2018

About The Project

Giraffes: you’ve probably seen them at the zoo. With their long necks, they easily reach the highest leaves in a tree.

However, this also posed a problem for the trees in the giraffe enclosure at Blijdorp Zoo. As a giraffe can weigh up to 1930 kg, the trees in the enclosure were suffering. Due to treading by the animals around the trees, heavy compaction of the soil took place, so the trees could not last long.

What was done

For this reason, a TreeParker system was applied to two new trees. The tree species planted is the honey locust. The client chose to plant a large tree size right away. After all, a smaller tree would be eaten by the giraffes in no time. The planted trees had a root ball size of 2.5 metres in diameter and were about 12 metres high. Large trees!

It was a special project, not only because of the location, but also because of the application.