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CPD Seminars

Professional Seminars at your Workplace.

The gtSpecifier team has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the landscape environment after many years of working with landscape contractors, architects and garden designers.
The team can bring their seminars to your workplace – and they’ll even provide lunch!

ArborRaft Urban Tree Planting System

Supporting the paving above, whilst protecting the soil below; without any plastic in the actual tree pit

See how ArborRaftallows the tree to establish natural, healthy growth in the upper, aerobic soil area, whilst protecting the organic, open soil from compaction.

  • The benefits of urban planting
  • Understanding the requirements for healthy tree establishment
  • Specification plan drawing
  • How ArborRaftworks –its features and benefits
  • How to put less plastic in the ground
  • Step by step installation video
  • Project examples and product sample
  • Q&A session

Resin Bond Surfaces CPD

A Resin-bound Tree Pit Installation

Providing a low maintenance, permeable finish to your project

See how the right treatment can add an aesthetically pleasing, resilient surface finish to your tree pits.

  • The difference between resin bound and bonded resin
  • What applications are suitable for Resibond
  • Step by step installation guide
  • Finishes and coverage guide
  • Finishing touches –grilles and guards
  • Project examples and product sample
  • Q&A session
Irrigation CPD

Effective Tree and Plant Irrigation

Considerations to make when installing an irrigation system

Discover a simple, efficient and cost effective way to give your trees and shrubs the best start, whilst reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

How to avoid the biggest cause of mortality in urban trees

Understanding how trees take water from their surroundings

  • Benefits of reservoir systems over surface watering
  • How the Mona irrigation system provides adequate water and aeration
  • Learn about the flexibility to suit all layouts
  • Product demonstration
  • Case studies
  • Q&A session
Wildflowers CPD

Introduction to John Chambers Wildflowers

The benefits of using wildflower seed in projects, and factors to consider when choosing a wildflower mix

Learn about the rich heritage of the British native wildflower industry, and how since the early 70s, John Chambers has been at the forefront in championing the use of home grown species

  • The changing landscape of the UK countryside
  • Seed supply and provenance
  • Importance of the correct balance of grass v wildflower
  • Seed mix: urban / rural / green roof / custom / turf
  • Bees and pollinators
  • Land preparation and sowing advice
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Q&A session
Guide To Good Soils CPD

The Green-tree Guide to Good Soil

The difference between natural, screened and manufactured soil

Explore the different soil types within the UK, and discover how not all soils are created equal.

  • Comparisons between “manufactured” and “as dug”
  • The importance of structural integrity
  • Nutrients, drainage and oxygen
  • The PAS100 green compost process
  • Applications and specific soil types
  • Lightweight green roof and rain garden substrates
  • Project examples and product samples
  • Q&A session

Green Roof Garden CPD

Green Roof

An introduction to green roof types, substrates and installation

Learn why green roofs are widely recognised as one of the most effective methods of urban greening, and how they can reduce the ecological impact of a project.

  • The four types of green roofs and their characteristics
  • How a green roof is constructed
  • Pre-grown roof cassettes
  • Selecting the correct substrate
  • How to attenuate source runoff
  • Key information requirements
  • Project examples
  • Samples
  • Q&A session
Tree Anchoring CPD

Tree Anchoring Systems

The benefits of tree anchoring systems and effective installation.

How to anchor trees safely and securely, without any damage to the rootball, or unsightly above ground support.

  • Manufacturing history
  • How do tree anchors work?
  • Different types of rootballanchor systems
  • Specifications and design life
  • Installation methods and equipment
  • Step by step installation video
  • Certifications and product sample
  • Q&A session

The Rural Environment

Identifying the threats to young treesin the rural environment, and what canbe done to protect them and keepthem healthy.

Working with landowners, councils and forestry commissions, Green-tech has a rich history of protecting our rural landscape –from guarding against roe deer, to staking alongside motorways –discover the best way to protect and stabilise our rural environment.

  • Tree ties and belting
  • Staking methods and canes
  • Tree guards and shrub shelters
  • Tree anchoring
  • Erosion control and ground stabilisation

To book a CPD with our gtSpecifier team on one of the above topics, please fill out the form below or email or call 01423 369728 and our team will arrange a seminar and date to suit.

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