Wildflower Matting

John Chambers Wildflower Matting is pre-grown under controlled, specialist conditions and delivered direct to site to provide instant impact and wildlife benefits for your project.

Wildflower Matting Properties

  • Establishes a wildflower meadow instantly
  • Established plants are supplied growing in a dense sward which acts as a weed barrier
  • A minimum of 75% wildflower / 25% grass seed mix is sown at the correct density to give optimum conditions for establishment
  • Low maintenance – one cut annually to achieve a healthy display
  • Attracts wildlife such as butterflies, insects and other invertebrates, birds and mammals
  • A prolonged flowering period providing aesthetic pleasure throughout the year

Wildflower Matting Benefits

  • Wildflower-rich matting containing little or no grass to aid establishment and impact
  • Easy and quick to install*
  • Low maintenance – usually cut once a year, after seed has set
  • Wildlife-friendly wildflower species attract important pollinators such as bees and butterflies
  • Long-flowering, diverse displays

* Wildflower Matting is a living product. As with other living turf products, in order to avoid dryingout, it should be installed on the day of delivery. In order to avoid disappointment, please ensure you have made adequate arrangements.


  • General landscaping
  • Specialist landscaping
  • Golf courses
  • Bespoke garden designs