TerraCottem Arbor

Developed specifically for tree and shrub planting, TerraCottem Arbor contains polymers and humic acids to enhance water retention capacity, soil structure and microbiological activity. It acts as a tree specific fertiliser with a lifespan up to 12 months to aid rapid plant establishment and to ease tree acclimation to the planting area. Enhancing root and plant growth to increase the tree’s survival rate while reducing inputs.


Central to this latest formulation are the new generation polymers, the inclusion of humic acids to further enhance water retention capacity, soil structure and microbiological activity and tree specific fertilisers (with a lifespan up to 12 months) balanced with a starter fertiliser for rapid plant establishment and a synthetic nitrogen fertiliser. All this, to ease early tree acclimation to the planting area, enhance root and plant growth and increase tree survival rate whilst reducing inputs and replacement costs.

TerramCottem Arbor Benefits

  • Produces healthier plants and saves up to 50% of water
  • Increases yields and survival rate
  • Stronger and deeper root development
  • Faster and better plant establishment
  • High resistance to drought stress and diseases
  • Enables plant growth in degraded, saline, or marginal soils



  • Tree & shrub planting

When to apply?

  • When planting.

Application frequency

  • Just once.

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