Rainbird Pressure Filters

The Rainbird Pressure Filters help to prevent any material within the water from entering the watering irrigation system, to stop potential damage to sprinklers, connections, valves and driplines.

Rainbird Large Capacity Filter

This filter is used to protect sprinklers and solenoid valves from debris. For pipeline diameters 1″, 1½” and 2″, the screen filter elements are best for solid debris (grit) and the disc filter elements
are better for organic debris (slime and insect larvae). This filters are designed for large landscape irrigation systems and at least one should be installed in each system to protect all hardware from debris damage.

Rainbird Large Capacity Filter Features

  • Provides extra filtration capacity for residential, commercial and municipal applications
  • Durable filters can be conveniently removed for cleaning
  • Disc filters can decompress for straight-forward cleaning
  • Auxiliary connection with a threaded cap can be drilled to allow draining/depressurisation
  • Stainless steel screen filter with plastic filter discs

Rainbird Flow Indicating Basket Filter

Suitable for landscape irrigation; the flow indicating basket filter provides several inputs in one single device:

  • Filtration – to 100 microns (0.1mm); sufficient for dripline and microsprinkler systems
  • Flow Indication – it reads the actual flow rate in litres per month and shows the reading on a large, easy-to-read display
  • Adjustable Dial – by adjusting the dial at the top of the flow rate display, it can be set to show the flow rate once installed. Further down the line, a higher flow rate may indicate leaks opposed to a lower flow rate which may suggest the system is blocked or
    needs flushing
  • Upright Filter Basket – this filter has an easy to remove and clean filter basket included
  •  2.8 bar (40psi) Pressure Regulation – to protect the system, the in-built pressure regulator maintains the system will not go above 2.8 bar
    The average flow rate range of this filter is 11.7 – 75 litres/minutes
    (700 – 4500 litres/hour).

Rainbird Landscape Pressure Regulating Filter

For use with drip irrigation systems directly downstream of solenoid valves to protect the system from both debris and excess pressure. The body and cap are constructed of glass-filled  polypropylene and have a 10.3 bar pressure rating. This filter element is 200 micron
(0.2mm) in both sized units.

  • Inlet Pressure Range: 1.4 to 10.3 bar
  • Outlet Pressure: ¾” inlet unit 2.1 bar downstream pressur 1″ inlet unit 2.8 bar downstream pressure

Rainbird Landscape Pressure Regulating Filter Features

  • Reduces the number of components within a control zone
  • Combination unit comes with 200 mesh stainless steel
  • Static RBY filter regulates pressure to a nominal 30 or 40psi
  •  The 30 or 40 psi pressure regulator is integrated within the filter body
  •  The body and cap are extremely robust and are made from glass-filled polypropylene which provides a 150psi pressure rating