GTS10TR – Sandwich TreeRaft System

The GTS10 Tree Planting System provides a specification option on urban tree planting where a tree pit size of 5m x 5m x 1m depth is available and requires a tree root cell system such as the Sandwich TreeRaft System with the Fortress Tree Grille to allow paving inserts, plus Tree Irrigation, Tree anchors and Tree guards.

GTS10 Sandwich TreeRaft Planting System Specification

GTS10 – Sandwich TreeRaft System Products                                                                                                                                      

  • gtDales Collection tree guard
  • gtFortress Tree grille
  • Mona Piazza Irrigation system
  • gtSleeper and Kerbstone Anchor kit
  • Sandwich Raft System Combigrid
  • Sandwich TreeRaft System
  • Sandwich TreeRaft System Geotextile Membrane
  • RootBarrier 325
  • Green-tree TreeRaft Soil
  • Green-tree Subsoil