Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Mix

The Cornfield Annuals Wildflower Mix is a mixture of annuals to provide first year colour with the addition of some short-lived perennials. This mix provides a colourful display in Summer which is suitable for good soil in many different locations.



Wildflower  Percentage Wildflower  Percentage
Corncockle 30.00% Campion; White 7.50%
Buttercup; Meadow 15.00% Chamomile; Corn 7.50%
Cornflower 9.50% Chamomile; Scentless 6.50%
Marigold; Corn 8.00% Forget-me-not; Field 6.50%
Poppy; Field or Common 7.50% Pansy; Field 2.00%





Soil Type Good
Maximum Height 100cm
Flowering Period March – September
Coverage 2g/m2
Frequency Annuals
Shade  2 out of 5
Sun 5 out of 5
Drainage  5 out of 5
Colours  5 out of 5
Pollinator 4 out of 5


In this mix

Common Poppy / Papaver rhoeas
Common Poppy is one of the most familiar British annual wildflowers, with its striking red saucer shaped flowers. They have a lot of symbolic value in British culture, as a sign of remembrance. Traditionally they are found in cornfields, but now becoming rarer due to increased intensive agriculture. They can often be found in disturbed ground and enjoy sunny open fields.

Frequency Annual
Height 20 – 75cm
Colour Red
Flowering period June – August
Soil Loam, Chalk, Sand
pH Acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Moisture Well-drained

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