Pinderfield Hospital, Installs The Mona Plant System

Pinderfield Hospital, Installs The Mona Plant System

Pinderfield Hospital in Wakefield West Yorkshire is a brand new, state-of-the-art healthcare facility. The hospital is split over two blocks, five floors on each block covering 88,000m2. The project was completed in April 2010 with the Mona Plant System being some of the last installations on site.


Ashlea landscape contractors have installed the Mona Plant System into 91 planters across the hospital.

The Mona Plant System was specially selected due to its unique process of watering plants in planters. Main landscaping contractor Ashlea opted for a combination of MPS link and MPS rings for the planters. The MPS system ensures that water and nutrients are delivered in the right quantity to the root of the plants. This results in improved root development and optimal plant growth. The MPS system can be installed in ‘Tank’ format, a self contained reservoir, a ‘Link’ format for larger scale projects, ‘Rings’ for tree pit irrigation or even ‘Modules’ for portable self irrigating plant displays.

The MPS links and rings were specifically selected for this project due to the location of the planters within the new hospital. Many of the planters are situated on balconies and public areas on several different floors that are not always accessible. By installing the Mona Plant System, the frequency of watering is greatly reduced ensuring the longevity of the plants.

Posted on 22 Jul 2018