Donna Nook Ground Stabilisation

Donna Nook Ground Stabilisation

Over 2,500sqm of GRB Plus, the ground protection and stabilisation system from Green-tech, has been installed into the landscape at Donna Nook, on the Lincolnshire Coast.

Donna Nook is the one of the most accessible sites for seal watching in the UK, with over 3000 seals arriving each winter to give birth to their pups. Between October and April each year seal watchers from all over the UK descend on Donna Nook to observe the seals and their new born pups.

The area has become a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers waiting to catch a glimpse of the grey seals.

With the influx of visitors to the Lincolnshire wildlife reserve each year arriving by cars and trafficking the site, the ground can often become bogged and muddy.

The need for a more stabilised car park and access area has become essential as the area has increased in popularity.

GRB Plus was highlighted as the ideal solution for this problem and the reinforcement system was specified for installation into the access area and car park at Donna Nook in time for the arrival of the new seals this winter.

Installed as the sub base, each sqm of GRB Plus supports weights up to 250 tonnes and allows the free-flow of water minimizing drainage problems.

It is simple to install and can be assembled to meet the configuration of any size or shape of project.

GRB Plus can be finished with either grass, gravel or stone, for the purposes of the Donna Nook project, the GRB Plus will be over seeded with grass seed, to balance with the back drop of the Lincolnshire coastal areas.

‘The GRB Plus system was an ideal solution for a project of this size as it provided a secure and stable base and could be installed with minimal disruption. The simple and cost effective installation helped the team stay within budget and within the specific time constraints.’

Posted on 22 Jul 2018