Project Details




Groningen, Netherlands


June 2020

About The Project

In the Hagedisstraat in Groningen, a climate-adaptive approach has been taken. Where there used to be parking spaces on both sides of the street, one side now has a wide planting strip. In the process, rainwater is also infiltrated, meaning rain is collected to water the greenery.

The other side of the street, which still serves as a parking area, was also taken care of. In fact, additional root growth capacity was created there by applying the Tree Parker tree pit system. This allows tree roots to grow under the paving without nuisance and without concern.

What was done

Six different tree species have been installed, making a positive contribution to biodiversity in the street. We think it is a great initiative by the municipality of Groningen to change the existing situation of Hagedisstraat into a climate-adaptive street where greenery plays a major role!