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Case Study

Gypsey Race Park, Bridlington

Green-tech Specifier advise on regeneration of a ancient waterway that makes a natural backdrop for wildflowers, tree planting and amenity space

Project Details


Gypsey Race Park


Bridlington, England


July 2022

About The Project

In 2013 the East Riding of Yorkshire Council published a new Bridlington Area Action Plan (AAP), which included improvements along a section of the Gypsey Race watercourse to enhance public spaces, improve pedestrian and cycle links, as well as increase biodiversity.

As tree planting is virtually non-existent in the town centre, trees and other plants were crucial in forming an aesthetically pleasing as well as ecologically diverse corridor, providing a much-improved habitat for wildlife. 

During the early phases, the banks of the Gypsey Race were re-engineered to give more room for an attractive linear urban park, featuring a meandering cycle and pedestrian pathway sheltered from the main Hilderthorpe Road by trees, shrubs, and wildflower planting, as well as various seating and play areas.

What we did

The landscaping contract was awarded to Yorkshire-based Palmer Landscapes, one of the UK’s leading landscape providers, who have a long-standing working relationship with Green-tech Specifier.

As part of the scheme, over 200 trees were planted in soft landscape, with Green-tech Specifier supplying rounded stakes with crossbars, along with rubber tree belting and blocks to hold the tree stable during its establishment phase, and also prevent tree rubbing from wind movement.

Even when planted in soft beds, it is crucial to allow for plenty of irrigation. Drought is still the number one cause of newly transplanted trees failing, so Green-tech’s Mona Relief irrigation rings were used, allowing the maintenance teams to water the trees quickly and efficiently as required via easily accessible filler pipes.

This is one of those projects that shows what a fantastic impact well thought out urban greening can make. Not only does it look wonderful; the use of wildflowers, and abundant tree planting acting as a shield between pedestrians and road, makes for a much-improved environment for humans and creatures and pollinators alike.

Alasdair Innes – Specification Advisor- Green-tech Specifier