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‘I've worked with gtSpecifier in specifying trees for the new ITV headquarters at Salford Quays -the project was subject to tight financial constraints and the gtSpecifier team offered us objective and practical guidance on how to achieve what was required in a cost effective way-offering technical advice which examined alternative systems and specifications -rather than a one size fits all approach’


Steve Martlew, Stephen Martlew Landscape Architecture.




'Trees are a vital part of many of our projects and we consider them at the very beginning of the design process. Correct tree selection then needs to be matched by the right attention to detail in getting them installed properly. Green-tech help us improve the sustainability of our schemes by providing innovative products and techniques to ensure the trees we specify can settle into their new locations quickly and start giving that vital sense of maturity to a scheme that only trees can provide. Correct planting means that they will have the opportunity to survive for many years.'


Janine Pattison, Landscape & Garden Design MSGD MBALI





 ‘gtSpecifier has supplied Grace Landscapes with tree planting and landscape maintenance products for over 13 years. Service and delivery is always outstanding and I can rely on the team to go the extra mile when needed.’ 


Hugh Pawsey, Managing Director, Grace Landscapes



‘Permavoid’s load-bearing properties prevents compaction, the interaction between the nutrient rich soil mixture in the Permavoid and the percolation of rain through the permeable block pavers provides a slow release feed system to the roots below.When the nutrients are washed through over a long period of time it will leave voids which when encountered by tree roots will air prune their growth to arrest any further upward growth and subsequent damage to the paving above. This system will demonstrate the sustainability & long term cost savings of this approach in terms of tree welfare and eradicating root damage to pavments. ‘


Peter Stringer, Special Projects Manager, Red Rose Forest




'The team at gtSpecifier has been instrumental in developing our vision for the Coventry Public Realm raised planters into a reality. Throughout the whole production process we were kept informed and up-to-date of progress, the result is a stunning urban planting project to be proud of.’


Alex Millar, Urban Designer, City Services & Development Directorate, Coventry City Council





'Civic Trees work with Green-tech’s urban tree planting systems to create effective planting schemes nationwide. The wide range of products and technical help available allows us to adjust and adapt planting locations to maximise the planting area to benefit and enhance the trees establishment.

Tree planting adds many benefits to the urban landscape yet decreasing funds and lack of space due to services and other utilities, both above and below ground, mean that only well thought out schemes will deliver best value to the client and other stakeholders.

By combining technical expertise in pit construction with good quality tree stock, well planted in a first-class growing medium and backed up by comprehensive aftercare Britain’s urban forests can maintain their excellent health and vitality keeping our towns and cities beautifully green.'


Deric Newman, Civic Trees




'The Mona product information video represents the standard and clarity to which other product literature can only aspire. Simple, concise and leaving the viewer with no doubt about the functionality of the product. Easily adopted to other media such as print it provides a means of ensuring that the message is consistent and professionally presented.'


Paul Hensey, Paul Hensey Landscape Garden Design, MSGD




'As designers and specifiers we very much appreciate the technical support that gtSpecifier have provided, both through their excellent CPD presentations and through their ever helpful telephone technical help.  It is reassuring to know that there is up to date advice on best practice and innovation in the horticultural industry that is so easily accessible.'


Mark Smeedon, Director, Smeedon Foreman Landscape Architects



'Working to a complete and correct specification can make all the difference to a project when working on site. As a Landscape Contractor, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the success of the urban landscapes we work with. Utilising the correct equipment to install a tree or create an open urban space, can make all the difference to our use of time on site, the health and well-being of the plants and trees we care for and most importantly the stamp of approval for the client.'


Joe Zazetta, Sustain Landscapes