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gtRibbed Root Panels

Root director panels for urban tree planting:

The gtRibbed Root Panels are designed specifically for installation vertically- underground, guiding root growth downwards . The system works by directing horizontal rootgrowth downwards via its vertical ribs, away from hard landscape surfaces, utilities and services. When the roots reach the lower edge of the gtRibbed Root Panels, they exit the system accessing further growing space. Any roots that grow upwards will be deflected back into the soil via the folded edge at the top of the root panel.

Due to the flexibility of the system, the gtRibbed Root Panels can be folded up to a 90 degree angle allowing for a number of configurations to be created for different tree planting scenarios. (See below) The system allows the growing media and tree to first be planted and the root panels installed to suit the depth of the planting, volume of growing media and size of the rootball.

Available as square and circular and linear kits as well as additional panels.

• 90°ribs at 18cm intervals guide the tree’s roots downwards.

Flexible enough to install linearly, as a square or around a tree.

All panels have a folded edge of 1.5cm, which prevents tree root growth

All gtRibbed Root Panels have built-in anchorage, which prevents the tree roots from pushing the root panels upwards.

Stiff enough to withstand the force of root growth.

Simple system to join together, using screws or adhesive tape (supplied with kits)

To be installed within 2m distance of a tree.


100% HDPE

100% Recyclable

UV Resistant

Resistant against chemicals

Withstands root growth, dirt and bacteria.