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GP-Flex Standard 1000g

GP-Flex® is the new generation grass protection mesh. Whilst theprevious grass protection mesh proved to be one of the most robustand reliable solutions in the world for protecting grassed areas frompedestrian and vehicle damage, we identified a need for developingthese products further to include an improved element of slipresistance and flexibility, the result being GP-Flex®!
  • Tested for slip resistance to BS 7976-2
  • 1000g Suitable for pedestrians, wheelchair access & occasional car use, 1400g Suitable for occasional use of light commercial vehicles, caravans and 4x4s, 1800g Suitable for occasional use of HGV access routes for fire engines and refuse trucks
  • Q30 361 Reinforced grass system, Q25 180 plastics grass reinforcing paving system