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Basic 8 wildflower mix

Environmental pressures mean that wild flower planting now forms animportant part of many landscape projects. The issue of native seed provenance is already vital in many parts of the UK and its importanceis almost certain to grow.Green-tech is probably the largest independent supplier of wild flowerseeds in the UK. Our standard mixture is 20% wild flowers to 80% low maintenance native grasses, but special mixes are available to exactly match the ecological requirements of any landscape.Our prices are highly competitive but remember: some seeds arescarce and thus more expensive. The precise mixture used can make significant differences to cost both upwards and downwards. Talk to usand we'll work with you to find the right mix at the best price possible.
  • Sowing can best be achieved by mixing the seed with dry sand or sifted topsoil and evenly broadcast. It is important that the seed is in contact with moisture in the soil so the seedbed should be lightly raked and then rolled.
  • Common birds-foot-trefoil, Burnet salad, Meadow buttercup, Oxeye daisy, Black medick, Ribwort plantain, Selfheal, Yarrow
  • 3/5g per m²
  • Seed mixes are 20% wildflowers to 80% low maintenance native grasses
  • Q30 seeding & Turfing

Available in 1kg Bags

Contains the following mix of wildflower seed:

Common Birds-Foot-Trefoil
Burnet, Salad
Meadow Buttercup
Oxeye Daisy
Black Medich
Ribwort Plantain

Application Rate 3-5g / sq m