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GTS6 - 1.5 sqm Anchored Tree Planting System

Suitable for the planting of heavy standard trees using an underground guying system.

The incorporation of Gt Rootbarrier in the planting system allows for installation in the vicinity of main roads, footpaths and highway infrastructures.

Mona Plant System Rings have been installed in many projects across the UK and Europe. Particularly suitable for interior landscape projects with large planter installations. Ensures quick establishment of plants and healthy root development. The system also provides a more robust solution to the watering of large trees. Mona Plant System Reservoirs surround the rootball to provide a continuous source of water.

System Contains:

  • gtWharfdale tree guard 1.8m x 400mm
  • gtResigrille tree grille (specify size req'd)
  • Mona Piazza Inlet
  • Platipus rootball anchor RF2P 25-45cm
  • Mona Ring 24 Irrigation system
  • Green-tree Amenity tree soil
  • Sierrablen Flora tablets 15-9-9
  • gtRootbarrier 325 1m x 50m. Installed on all sides where protection is required 

Recommended additions, Products listed below are suggested additions to aid in successful planting and establishment. Not all products are required but may be more relevant depending on planting situation. Please contact us for further advise and details

  • Soil Conditioner / Ameliorant
  • 15-9-9 Seirrablen Flora
  • Aquafusion moisture conservation granules
  • Mulch mat & pins
  • Rootdip
  • Mycorrhiza
  • Platipus tree anchoring system