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ArborRaft System

The ArborRaft System combines nutrient rich ArborRaft Soil with exceptionally strong geocellular units. Together they create a healthy growing space for trees in areas subject to vehicle loadings and trafficking.

Individual ArborRaft units are locked together to form a raft system that sits within the tree pit, providing load bearing support and reducing soil compaction. The ArborRaft System works by spreading the load of any vehicle movements around the tree’s rooting area. This eliminates soil compaction of the growing media within the pit and maintains the ideal growing environment for the trees to establish and mature.

The ArborRaft System accommodates vehicle loadings from cars through to heavy goods vehicles. The open structure of the individual units acts as an air gap diverting root growth away from the pavement towards nutrient-rich soil. It is a tried and tested system that has successfully been installed into projects across the UK and Europe.


Key features:

·       Creates the perfect growing environment for trees

·       Simple and quick to install

·       Directs root growth away from surface

·       Incorporate with ArborRaft Soil for optimal nutrient content, moisture and aeration. 

·       Accommodates a variety of project scenarios

·       Proven system

·       Manufactured from recycled materials.

  • Open Structure

The open structure of the ArborRaft soil is retained, allowing roots to grow naturally and essential oxygen, nutrients and water to flow freely through the growing media. The nature of the system assists drainage and the free-flow of water through the tree pit. The system is flexible and can be designed to fit any tree pit size encouraging larger tree pits with less plastic.

  • Structural Strength

The structural strength of the ArborRaft System absorbs the impact of loads placed upon it to protect the growing media and tree roots below.

  • Prevents Compaction

The system prevents soil compaction, damage to the root structure and does not restrict the natural growth path of tree’s roots. This assists the tree to create its own root-anchoring system that reflects the growth and spread of its canopy.

  • Creates a perfect environment for the trees.
  • No root damage to the streets, due to air gap.
  • Creates a raft.
  • Protects tree sand from compaction.
  • Creates second ground level.
  • Economical solution.
  • Can be implemented in Suds.
  • Can be used in trafficked area’s.
  • Can take HGV loadings, with limited speed/ parking's/ podium decks.
  • Sustainable.
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